Thursday, June 28, 2007

Decision 2008: Stephen Colbert for President?

Is Comedy Central's Colbert Report Host Stephen Colbert really considering a bid for the White House in 2008? Just recently 2 petitions have been formed to get Colbert to run and Unity'o8 seems to be drafting Colbert to run for their nomination for president. They have recently formed a poll asking whether Colbert should run or not. Unity'08's Doug Bailey will be on the show to tell Colbert about the poll and maybe Colbert will give us a little insight on 2008. Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee already asked him to be his running mate, probably asa joke and so did Tom Delay. Now it looks like we may have to look into a possible Colbert run in 2008 to add to the growing number of possible independent runs. Could Colbert sum up to Bloomberg, if Bloomberg makes a run in 2008. Will he just be a spoiler if he runs. Colbert is seen sometimes as conservative and could attract alot of votes if Giuliani, Clinton, and Bloomberg were the candidates he faced off against considering they are all liberal. Colbert has been stated as a crazy journalist and is remembered for his White House Correspondence dinner 2 years ago when he was the comedy act. He put together a video putting forward his name for White House Press Secretary as a joke. His stunt stunned Washington and the President. Colbert could seriously change the status quo is he did run. However one must also consider is this just another political stunt? We will soon find out tonight on Colbert's show.

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