Thursday, June 21, 2007

Is the McCain Campaign in trouble?

Many are questioning whether Arizona U.S. Senator John McCain is already out of the race for president. He had poor fundraising totals in the 1st quarter and is expected to have about the same. His polls in Key state of Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina have dropped to almost single digits. Nationally McCain has slipped to 3rd. What has happened to this once presumed nominee? Well McCain supports unpopular legislation like the current immigration bill, and the troop build up resolution. Also Fred Thompson's entrance has moved him to 3rd. Mitt Romney's surge in Iowa and NH have taken his lead away. Giuliani remains in control nationally. The only area McCain is performing decently is in Democratic match-ups. There he is usually tied with Giuliani and leading Thompson and Romney. I dont feel that McCain if out yet. He still has the polls to remain in the top tier, and if we remember back to 2004 John Kerry was in this kind of trouble numerous times. Kerry was the early frontrunner slipped in fundraising and key states regained his lead but lost it again and fell to all time lows. It wasn't until the week before Iowa that he came back and won the nomination. It is too early to declare a campaign dead and I feel this si just another bumpy stage for McCain. Now if he recieves poor fundrasing totals again and his momentum completely deteriates. Then the McCain camp will be in trouble.

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