Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Romney Wins With 50%

In a straw poll held in Madison County, Iowa, over the weekend Mitt Romney won with 50% of the vote, followed by Tommy Thompson with 23%.


50% Mitt Romney
23% Tommy Thompson
14% Tom Tancredo
13% Rudy Guiliani
12% John Cox
12% Mike Huckabee
12% Sam Brownback
7% John McCain
6% Fred Thompson
2% Ron Paul
1% Duncan Hunter
1% Newt Gingrich (write-in)

Republican Debate, September 1

This Is Politics will host a Republican debate on Saturday, September 1 at 8:00 PM (EST).

Candidates scheduled to participate: George Bailey, Daniel Gilbert, Ray McKinney and Keith Sprankle.

Another Thompson Considering Run

There is another Thompson considering a run for the White House in 2008. No, not Fred Thompson but Ed Thompson.

Ed Thompson is the former mayor of Tomah, Wisconsin, and was the Libertarian candidate for Wisconsin governor in 2002, in which he received 11% of the vote. He is also the brother of Republican presidential candidate Tommy Thompson.

An e-mail sent out by supporters of Thompson's previous campaign said:

Thompson discussed his potential run today on the Dynamic Duo radio show, http://gcnlive.com/. If neither his brother Tommy Thompson nor fellow truth-seeker Ron Paul get the Republican nomination, Thompson said, "somebody will have to do it."

Monday, July 30, 2007

Politics-Central On Air: U4prez Presidential Candidates Debate!!!!

Tomorrow we hope to hold the first u4pez candidates debate at 3:00 eastern Time. 4 candidates have confirmed attending and we are trying to attract more. Candidates to attend:

(R)Mike Duminiak-U4prez Republican Leader, Write-In Candidate for his town's mayor.

(R)Harold Hedrick-Top Rated Republican Candidate in Top 20, College Student.

(D)W. Lane Startin, 3-Time Dem. Primary Winner on u4prez, 2010 Exploratory Candidate for Governor of Idaho.

(D)Corey P. Cronin, U4prez Democratic Candidate, and Democratic Party Activist. Others who are invited but not confirmed

(R)Anthony M. Del Pellegrino, Founder and Co-Chair of Liberty4u Caucus on u4prez, March GOP Primary Winner, 2nd Place State of the Union Winner, 1st Place Video Ad Contest.

(I)Steve Adams, Actual Independent Candidate for President.
Go to http://www.blogtalkradio.com/politics-central to listen at 3:00 Eastern Time.


Regardless of where you stand Politically, Ideology, or Religiously. We should Always Support our United States Troops over seas and here at home. God Bless Them!

F. Thompson Takes SC Poll

Former Senator Fred Thompson won the Republican straw poll held in Georgetown County over the weekend.

Complete Poll Results from Myrtle Beach Online:

Fred Thompson: 102
Ron Paul: 40
Mitt Romney: 37
Duncan Hunter: 15
Rudy Giuliani: 13
John McCain: 7
Sam Brownback: 6
Newt Gingrich: 2
Daniel Gilbert: 1

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Cast Your Vote

Who do you support for President? Cast your vote at www.presidentialpolls.blogspot.com.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Gilbert Would Oppose Ron Paul As GOP Candidate

In the Daniel Myers Live Republican debate on Tuesday night the question was asked "Would you support anti-war Ron Paul if he wins your party's nomination?"

The first to answer the question was Daniel Gilbert. Gilbert responded with a simple "no." The other two candidates in the debate, John Cox and Richard Smith, said that they would support him even though they disagree with his foreign policy. Smith went on to say that he "would hope that he [Paul] would wake up to the real dangers in the war."

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

McKinney: Statesman for President

Ray McKinney is another long-shot Republican running for President. McKinney, who was originally running for the Republican Vice Presidential nomination before seeking the top spot on the ticket, is not running as a Politician but as a Statesmen.

"No longer will I sit back and not participate, no longer will I let my country be run by those I have no confidence in. America demands and we deserve real candidates, not just candidates presented by the media," McKinney declares on his website.

To find out more on the McKinney campaign visit http://www.ray08.com/.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Three Conservative Republicans to Face Off Online Tonight

Three Conservative long-shot Republicans, John Cox, Daniel Gilbert and Richard Smith, are set to debate online tonight on Daniel Myers Live at 7:00 PM (EST).

Listen to the debate LIVE at www.blogtalkradio.com/myerslive.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Decision 2008: Democratic Youtube Presidential Debate

Today the 8 Democratic presidential candidates met to discuss the issues with voters as they asked over youtube video. It was a very interesting night and not as calm as past debates. Early on youtube videos tried to get the candidates fighting when Congressman Kunich attacked Obama and Clinton. Clinton made a point to say she is not liberal that shwe is modern progressive and that the term liberal has been stretched in recent years. The Democrats seemed to love Chuck Hagel and hate Mitt Romney. Biden and Edwards would have picked him as a VP running mate if they could only choose a republican. Mitt Romney's education plan and his money in his pocket was thrasher at the debate. Edwards shined when he said he doesn't want votes who wont vote for Hillary and Obama because of their gender or race. Only Congressman Kunicinch made a point to say right out he was for gay marriage. The others weren't clear on the issue.In Iraq they defended their work in congress as Democrats and blamed Republicans for not joining them in ending the war. Governor Richardson said he is working to have troops out by the end of 2007. Mike Gravel defended his statement that soldiers are dying in vain in Iraq like they died in Vietnam in vain. That got alot of response, but I would like to state to all who view this site that they ask Sen. Gravel to withdraw that statement. that is an uneeded comment for those who are serving today in Itaq and for the families who have lost loved ones. Gravel should ahve watched the tone he said the comment in and he really shouldne't have said that at all. American soldiers die today for America and not in vain. Most the candidates like Richardson and Clinton were for sending UN peacekeepers to Darfur and Richardson hopes China will put pressure on Sudan in the situation. Most were for women in slected service. Clinton and Obama came under attack that they were not doing enough for their race or gender especially Sen. Clinton with being a women's advocate. None of the candidates stood out to us in the debate. Clinton did however seem the most presidential in her answers. Obama seemed unclear and unexperienced in foreign policy topics, but came back with stong stances in domestic policy liek with healthcare. Clinton being th most presidential we have to say won the debate. She proved she can be a great debater tonight. Richardson came back tonight and performed better than past debates. Gravel and Kucinich acted as the attention getters going out of the norm in their answers. Edwards did well in showing his key points in his campaign.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Politics-Central On Air

This is Brandon Rosty and I just wanted to announce my show. We aired our first pre-premiere show 3 hours ago and you can listen to it at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/politics-central. We are going to have another show this Wedensday after Myers and Miller's Debates at 1:00 pm Mt Time, 2:00 Central 3:00 Eastern Time 12:00 noon pacific time. Hope you will come and join us and the call-in number is 1-646-716-8267, and my instant messenger is yahoo and I'm yop_kio@yahoo.com. If you have any questions talk with me on that email. We plan on having u4prez candidates and politics1.com bloggers on the show and on August 10th, 2008 we will have Independent Presidential Candidate Steve Adams and WY State Representative Lisa Shepperson. That Show is at the same time as the other ones.

Show Schedule
July 25th-3:00 Eastern Time -2010 Idaho Candidate for Governor Lane Startin and Daniel Myers Live Host Daniel Myers will be on the show.
July 29th-3:00 Eastern Time
August 3rd?-3:00 Eastern Time-Likely to be cancelled since I'm going out of town, but I will try to get a fill-in. If you are interested email me at yop_kio@yahoo.com
August 10th-3:00 Eastern Time- Independent Presidential Candidate Steve Adams and WY State House Rep. Lisa Shepperson? to attend.
August 18th-3:00 Eastern Time
August 25th-3:00 Eastern Time-First U4prez presidential candidates debate.

Four Candidates To Face Off Monday

Four 2008 presidential candidates will face off Monday on the Internet radio program This Is Politics. The candidates scheduled to appear are: John Bootie, Willie Carter, Richard Clark and Wayne Allyn Root.

John Bootie, a truck driver, is running as an independent but was a Republican until recently. He is running as a the "next Lincoln-Reagan" and as President he would "give General Petraeus a full and unfettered go ahead to fight terror anyway needed to WIN."

Democrat Willie Carter is making his sixth run for the White House, having run in every election since 1988. If elected he will "take the God fearing approach, addressing the needs of all the people of our nation."

Richard Clark is running as a candidate of the newly formed New American Independent Party. As President, Clark would "prosecute Mr. Bush and his administration for their crimes."

Nevada Millionaire Wayne Allyn Root has left the Republican Party as well and is running for the nomination of the Libertarian Party. He pledges that his first act as President would be to give the power back to the people. "It's your tax money, it's your government. I plan to return it to you," says Root.

The debate will air at 8:00 PM (EST) Monday on www.blogtalkradio.com/tip.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Cox and Gilbert Gaing Ground In Polls

Long-shot Republican presidential candidates John Cox and Daniel Gilbert are gaining ground in polls being held in early primary and caucus states.

In a July 7th poll held at the 9th Annual Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers Family Reunion Picnic Gilbert came in third place with 20 of the 294 votes cast. Ron Paul came in first place with 182 votes with front-runner Rudy Giuliani edging Gilbert out for second place with 22 votes. With just four votes Cox tied in this poll with Fred Thompson and beat out John McCain, who received only one single vote, even George Phillies (who is running as a Libertarian) got more votes than McCain.

In a straw poll held in in Linn County, Iowa, in late June, John Cox received 4% of the vote, just behind Mitt Romney who had 5%. Cox topped Ron Paul, who had 3%, and Gilbert tied with Rudy Giuliani, each receiving 2%. John McCain again made a poor showing with 0% of the vote.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Unity'08 can it actually succeed?

Unity'08 is a organization set on holding a online convention in 2008 to nominate a bi-partisan presidential ticket. They are hoping for a GOP and a Dem. to run together on the same ticket or get some independents to run. They also say they can get their candidate on the ballot on all 50 states in 2008. So can they succeed? Well if they get big enough names to run under their banner they just might. A little buzz has come from New York City
Mayor Mike Bloomberg and U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel having dinner together to discuss Unity'08. They could become their ticket since both are interested in running as independents in 2008. Several other possible contenders are Comedian Stephen Colbert, NBC's Tom Brokaw, Unity'08 spokesman and Law and Order's Sam Waterston, Former Minnesota Governor Jesee Ventura, Ralph Nader and many more. Even minor Independent presidential candidate Bob Hargis has set up a draft movement to draft himself to be included in the nominating process. Polls currently show dissatifaction with the 2 major political parties and leaves room for a possibel 3rd party success. Unity'08 has so far had the right success and publicity. They even have the funds. If Bloomberg ran they could surely finance getting on the ballot on all 50 states. Many see this as a tough challenge considering few can get on the ballot on all 50 states. Really only a candidate needs to win is 11 states to win the presidency. So if they can get on the ballot in those states and have a success has Ross Perot did in 1992 they may win a few states. Well as the other candidates search for their partys' nomination, Unity'08 is searching for candidates to take their nomination.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Hargis Keeps Quiet, Adams Getting Messgae Out

It has been a while since there has been any movement in Bob Hargis’ independent presidential campaign, or at least there has not been any significant internet activity.

Hargis’ campaign has apparently come to a stand still while fellow independent presidential candidate Steve Adams is making himself known online.

Adams has taken advantage of the video sharing site YouTube, where he has made over twenty videos and has been featured on two segments on James Kotecki's popular YouTube channel Emergency Cheese. Hargis also has a YouTube page, which has two videos on it with the most recent one being from three months ago.

And when it comes down to which candidates’ website has been visited more, Steve Adams once again is the victor. Adams’ website, www.presidentadams.com, has seen nearly 105,000 visitors but on the other hand Hargis’ site, www.hargis.info, is it at about 36,100 visits.

If Hargis is really serious about becoming the next President, he will have to prove that by reaching out to the voters online.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Constitution Party Front Runner

Now that Jerome Corsi is no longer a possibility for Constitution Party nomination, who is the front runner?

The party does not seem too excited about its current possibilities: Don Grundmann (the only official candidate) and Texas state party chair Bryan Malatesta, who has shown interest in running.

And there is currently no sign that former UN Ambassador and frequent candidate Alan Keyes and former Alabama Supreme Cour Chief Justice Roy Moore have any plans of the Republican Party.

Another name mentioned is the party's 2004 Vice Presidential nominee Chuck Baldwin, but in an interview in October 2006 Baldwin said: "I have learned to never say never, but I have no desire to run."

So who is the front runner for the party's nomination? Answer: Ron Paul (or he is at least the favorite among the party leaders).

Ron Paul, the Republican candidate who has already told the CP that he would not run as their candidate. A recent article on the Constitution Party website says: "...it seems that in the unlikely event that Doctor No is able to capture the Republican nomination, we would stand behind him 100%."

But the statement above may not hold true. If Paul some how does win the Republican nomination (or another party's nomination, ie. the Libertarian Party) it does not mean that all of the members of the Party will want to endorse him. Illinois' state party chairman Randy Stufflebeam does not like the idea of the party reaching out to candidates that are not already in the party and if it looks like leading CP officials are strong supporters for the endorsement of Paul, Bryan Malatesta will almost certainly seek the nomination.