Saturday, June 16, 2007

Immigration (Pt.3)


Ok so we've seen how Illegal Immigrants dont pay for the things we have to, they get extended benefits on many issues, they can trash our flag, language and culture and its called Free Speach or Affirmative Action. Yet when we do so its called Un-Patriotic and Stepping Over the Bounds.

So, Part 3 won't be long in fact there is no Fact Sheet on this one. Just my Thoughts. So take the time to look over Parts 1 & 2 and then comment about it and let me know what you think. Agree with me or not. I want everyone's oppinion.

Illegal Immigration would be less of a problem if the Government would build the fence like they said they would. Unfortunantly they have chosen to sit on their butts and not do a thing about it. Illegal Immigration in Mexico would result in imprisonment or death. Here you get anything and everything you want. Fair and Balanced? You decide.

Final Note:

It's up to us to do something about it. Half the Senate voted against making English the Official Language of the United States. Half the Senate voted for making Illegal Immigrants LEGAL. Half the Senate voted to allow them to participate in Social Security, Welfare, Medicare and all the other benefits hard working Americans cannot. And Half the Senate will be re-elected because voters will choose not to vote them out. Lets do something about it. Let's fix our Border Problem. Protect our Border Officers. And begin using Basic Common Sense to protect our Conuntry!

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