Saturday, June 23, 2007

Nader's possible run and can Bloomberg win?

I think Nader will run. He is taking the neccessary steps to make a run. Hes name is appearing more and more on the news and he supports the minor candidates because they will lose and he can put himself forward as a canddiate. Now whether he wants to go through the hassle of gathering sigantures and raising money. Also is Bloomberg jumps in wont he be a minor speed bump on the 2008 presidential race? I see Nader running but not even getting half of the votes he got in 2004 and that amount wasn't that much. Now with Bloomberg in will he be a spoiler a long shot or a serious contender. Could he actually become our first independent president? I seriously doubt that. However he has the money and the name recognition. He could actually swing some electoral votes to throw the election to the house. That has happened for hundreds of years. If Giuliani and Hillary are the 2 candidates facing off against Bloomberg I dont see him coming close. Too many NY liberals in the race. If you look at the 3 they are very similar. All 3 are pro-choice and are from NY. They all support gun control. Do you think Bloomberg if he does run can get enough support to get into the presidential debates? Ross Perot did.

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