Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Romney Wins With 50%

In a straw poll held in Madison County, Iowa, over the weekend Mitt Romney won with 50% of the vote, followed by Tommy Thompson with 23%.


50% Mitt Romney
23% Tommy Thompson
14% Tom Tancredo
13% Rudy Guiliani
12% John Cox
12% Mike Huckabee
12% Sam Brownback
7% John McCain
6% Fred Thompson
2% Ron Paul
1% Duncan Hunter
1% Newt Gingrich (write-in)

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Michael said...

John Cox's Website, your source here, seems to have its facts wrong.

An article at IowaPolitics.com says Romney got a third (33%, or 50 votes) of the 150 or so votes cast. Tommy Thompson got 25 VOTES, not 23 PERCENT, as the Cox spinmeisters are claiming:

"Today marked the former Massachusetts governor's first visit to Winterset of 2007, and it came on the heels of a straw poll victory at last week’s Madison County Fair. More than 150 people voted in the county fair straw poll that Romney won, defeating former Sen. Fred Thompson by a 2-to-1 margin. With 50 votes, Romney captured nearly one-third of the total. Closest to him was the 25 cast for Thompson, who has not officially entered the race."

It goes without saying that this was a totally unscientific poll.