Saturday, July 21, 2007

Politics-Central On Air

This is Brandon Rosty and I just wanted to announce my show. We aired our first pre-premiere show 3 hours ago and you can listen to it at We are going to have another show this Wedensday after Myers and Miller's Debates at 1:00 pm Mt Time, 2:00 Central 3:00 Eastern Time 12:00 noon pacific time. Hope you will come and join us and the call-in number is 1-646-716-8267, and my instant messenger is yahoo and I'm If you have any questions talk with me on that email. We plan on having u4prez candidates and bloggers on the show and on August 10th, 2008 we will have Independent Presidential Candidate Steve Adams and WY State Representative Lisa Shepperson. That Show is at the same time as the other ones.

Show Schedule
July 25th-3:00 Eastern Time -2010 Idaho Candidate for Governor Lane Startin and Daniel Myers Live Host Daniel Myers will be on the show.
July 29th-3:00 Eastern Time
August 3rd?-3:00 Eastern Time-Likely to be cancelled since I'm going out of town, but I will try to get a fill-in. If you are interested email me at
August 10th-3:00 Eastern Time- Independent Presidential Candidate Steve Adams and WY State House Rep. Lisa Shepperson? to attend.
August 18th-3:00 Eastern Time
August 25th-3:00 Eastern Time-First U4prez presidential candidates debate.

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