Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Hargis Keeps Quiet, Adams Getting Messgae Out

It has been a while since there has been any movement in Bob Hargis’ independent presidential campaign, or at least there has not been any significant internet activity.

Hargis’ campaign has apparently come to a stand still while fellow independent presidential candidate Steve Adams is making himself known online.

Adams has taken advantage of the video sharing site YouTube, where he has made over twenty videos and has been featured on two segments on James Kotecki's popular YouTube channel Emergency Cheese. Hargis also has a YouTube page, which has two videos on it with the most recent one being from three months ago.

And when it comes down to which candidates’ website has been visited more, Steve Adams once again is the victor. Adams’ website,, has seen nearly 105,000 visitors but on the other hand Hargis’ site,, is it at about 36,100 visits.

If Hargis is really serious about becoming the next President, he will have to prove that by reaching out to the voters online.


PresidentAdams said...

Thanks for the mention Ben.


Bob W. Hargis said...

Hi Ben,

I wish I could say that you are wrong, but the truth is that I have been very busy. I just shipped my daughter off to the US Army, smoothing that makes me very proud. I have also spent much time watching the main stream candidates carefully and looking for any one out there that I can agreeably support. Further, I have spent much time in prayer, to seek God's will in this project. Look to see me come back full force in the very near future. It’s not over, so you can consider this the calm before the storm.

Thanks! – Bob


Uh, neither is actually "serious" about becoming the next president.

It IS interesting how the internet is finally beginning to become relevant in national politics.

PresidentAdams said...

BP. You are incorrect.