Monday, July 23, 2007

Decision 2008: Democratic Youtube Presidential Debate

Today the 8 Democratic presidential candidates met to discuss the issues with voters as they asked over youtube video. It was a very interesting night and not as calm as past debates. Early on youtube videos tried to get the candidates fighting when Congressman Kunich attacked Obama and Clinton. Clinton made a point to say she is not liberal that shwe is modern progressive and that the term liberal has been stretched in recent years. The Democrats seemed to love Chuck Hagel and hate Mitt Romney. Biden and Edwards would have picked him as a VP running mate if they could only choose a republican. Mitt Romney's education plan and his money in his pocket was thrasher at the debate. Edwards shined when he said he doesn't want votes who wont vote for Hillary and Obama because of their gender or race. Only Congressman Kunicinch made a point to say right out he was for gay marriage. The others weren't clear on the issue.In Iraq they defended their work in congress as Democrats and blamed Republicans for not joining them in ending the war. Governor Richardson said he is working to have troops out by the end of 2007. Mike Gravel defended his statement that soldiers are dying in vain in Iraq like they died in Vietnam in vain. That got alot of response, but I would like to state to all who view this site that they ask Sen. Gravel to withdraw that statement. that is an uneeded comment for those who are serving today in Itaq and for the families who have lost loved ones. Gravel should ahve watched the tone he said the comment in and he really shouldne't have said that at all. American soldiers die today for America and not in vain. Most the candidates like Richardson and Clinton were for sending UN peacekeepers to Darfur and Richardson hopes China will put pressure on Sudan in the situation. Most were for women in slected service. Clinton and Obama came under attack that they were not doing enough for their race or gender especially Sen. Clinton with being a women's advocate. None of the candidates stood out to us in the debate. Clinton did however seem the most presidential in her answers. Obama seemed unclear and unexperienced in foreign policy topics, but came back with stong stances in domestic policy liek with healthcare. Clinton being th most presidential we have to say won the debate. She proved she can be a great debater tonight. Richardson came back tonight and performed better than past debates. Gravel and Kucinich acted as the attention getters going out of the norm in their answers. Edwards did well in showing his key points in his campaign.

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PresidentAdams said...

I had great hope that this debate would be different, but the politicians are too skilled - at avoiding questions, even from average Americans on video. :(