Friday, July 20, 2007

Cox and Gilbert Gaing Ground In Polls

Long-shot Republican presidential candidates John Cox and Daniel Gilbert are gaining ground in polls being held in early primary and caucus states.

In a July 7th poll held at the 9th Annual Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers Family Reunion Picnic Gilbert came in third place with 20 of the 294 votes cast. Ron Paul came in first place with 182 votes with front-runner Rudy Giuliani edging Gilbert out for second place with 22 votes. With just four votes Cox tied in this poll with Fred Thompson and beat out John McCain, who received only one single vote, even George Phillies (who is running as a Libertarian) got more votes than McCain.

In a straw poll held in in Linn County, Iowa, in late June, John Cox received 4% of the vote, just behind Mitt Romney who had 5%. Cox topped Ron Paul, who had 3%, and Gilbert tied with Rudy Giuliani, each receiving 2%. John McCain again made a poor showing with 0% of the vote.


Anonymous said...

I've watched both of these guys closely and actually, Gilbert's numbers in New Hampshire were a great victory, since he spoke to the crowd and was obviously totally unknown beforehand. And yet, he came away with a respectable 20 votes.

Gilbert truly is gaining ground, though slowly, as the campaign of a total unknown would be expected to.

Cox, on the other hand, also spoke to the crowd, and didn't do well there. Given that he has made 17 trips to the state and has no support, this is very bad news.

In the same way, Cox's "victory" in the Linn County poll should be mitigated by the fact that less than 30 attended.

When Mitt Romney and others are "beaten" by the small, unknown candidates, it's not because the others are better organized, or are "gaining" it's because the Big Guys didn't attend the event and tney're being punished.

Considering Cox has spent $900k of his own money in this campaign, and has been on CNBC, MSNBC, FoxNews and many other media and hasn't moved up to 1% in ANY state or national polls says something about the candidate and his message.

Anonymous said...

The problem here is that Cox and Gilbert are just average Joes with no experience in poltiics.

Republicans have a LOT of choices this time who are viable and who can beat the Dems.