Thursday, July 19, 2007

Unity'08 can it actually succeed?

Unity'08 is a organization set on holding a online convention in 2008 to nominate a bi-partisan presidential ticket. They are hoping for a GOP and a Dem. to run together on the same ticket or get some independents to run. They also say they can get their candidate on the ballot on all 50 states in 2008. So can they succeed? Well if they get big enough names to run under their banner they just might. A little buzz has come from New York City
Mayor Mike Bloomberg and U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel having dinner together to discuss Unity'08. They could become their ticket since both are interested in running as independents in 2008. Several other possible contenders are Comedian Stephen Colbert, NBC's Tom Brokaw, Unity'08 spokesman and Law and Order's Sam Waterston, Former Minnesota Governor Jesee Ventura, Ralph Nader and many more. Even minor Independent presidential candidate Bob Hargis has set up a draft movement to draft himself to be included in the nominating process. Polls currently show dissatifaction with the 2 major political parties and leaves room for a possibel 3rd party success. Unity'08 has so far had the right success and publicity. They even have the funds. If Bloomberg ran they could surely finance getting on the ballot on all 50 states. Many see this as a tough challenge considering few can get on the ballot on all 50 states. Really only a candidate needs to win is 11 states to win the presidency. So if they can get on the ballot in those states and have a success has Ross Perot did in 1992 they may win a few states. Well as the other candidates search for their partys' nomination, Unity'08 is searching for candidates to take their nomination.



I seriously doubt it could gain more than 1% of the total vote in the 2008 presidential election. The name is a bit of a sham as it is. It's trying to blend two political parties into one- and that isn;t going to work.

There's a reason we have two distinct parties in this country. Because, in general people see things one way or the other. To be sure, there are some fringe groups that draw very marginal interest, but they fail to speak for the masses and only for the fringe element of society.

Now, all that said, I saw on FOX TV tonight that 74% of the people polled fell the US Congress is doing a poor job. That's the worst rating in the history of this type of polling. With so many people unhappy this would be the best hope for a grass roots party (or any kind) to step up into the void.

It'll be interesting.

gwenmand said...

check out for recent going ons in the independent movement. You can take the independents' 2008 Presidential poll there too.



Thanks, Gwen. I'll take a look. I always try and keep an open mind.